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Collaboration partner excursion session III | Performative Biofact

The Performative Biofact

with Lucie Strecker and on-site project presentations

In the Dance Studio, we were all seated by the sides of the room. Black curtains were hiding the natural light. A screen showed two graphics... we did not know what they represent. A table in the middle had medical pots, gloves with electronics, a cell phone... it rang. Monica stood up and went answer: “-Hello? / -Hi it´s Lucie!/ How are you Lucie?” We could all hear the conversation and we understood that Lucie Strecker, almost like Charlie in Charlie´s Angel, was reduced to a voice that was giving orders to Monica and asking her questions. Monica was standing and understanding her environment. Lucie made her explore if she could move and sit in this chair... put the pink plastic gloves on... and start an experiment. The gloves had sensors to measure the skin dilatation so the screen shows this measurements. The questions were based on intimacy such as Work or Sexuality. Lucie will develop this Performance for Cairotronics.


On-site project presentations from Jasmina & Monica

Jasmina showed us her “Anamesis”. Using A3 papers, she asks people questions in different situations: Street, Studio, etc. This Questions are based in reminding what people did today and what things it represents to them. The discussion is written life on the paper using color oil pastels. 

Monica showed us her work for the NHM “the great Wall”, a sculpture made by views on galaxies making a web of round connections between them reduced into Red/Blue Fans. In astronomy, Red stars are stars that are moving away from us as the wavelength is bigger whereas the Blue stars are the opposite. Discussions were open about positions in order to see this galaxy.

Protocol: Mauricio Suarez


Fact Box

April 24, 2018, 10:00h
Studio 2 – Tanzquartier Wien, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna