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ROUNDTABLE | Excursion

Collaboration partner excursion session I - Josephinum | project presentations

Visit Clinical Radiology and on-site project presentations from Zsuzsa, Johannes and Laura

1. Presentation from Franz Kainberger:

“Forensisches Museum”: The most important piece is the weapon used to kill Empress Sisi. A museum of plants pharmacy is not open to the public.

2. Josephinum Exhibition wax anatomic models:

The glass of the showcases is very old and the wood is rosewood. The most important piece is the Medizinische Venus 1784. Gave rise to a discussion between artists and physicians. Artists wanted more expression and physicians exactitude.

3. Project Presentations in Sala Terrena, Josephinum

Zsuzsa: Movements, anatomic body, Exploring the way of body movement while walking.

Laura: The ceremony while asking questions to analyze emotional stability used in psychiatry.

Hans: Experiments with body parts and colors, sketches of pictures. Comments: Sacro bone means holly bone. Dinosaurs had three brains.

The Josephinum is home to a wide array of collections of various kinds, ages and origins, which together represent the cultural heritage of the Medical University of Vienna, or the earlier Medical Faculty of the University of Vienna.

For more information please visit: www.josephinum.ac.at

Protocol: Marthin Rozo

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ROUNDTABLE | Excursion
March 14, 2018