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Kick off & Exhibition Plans

At the start of the first Roundtable in this semester, Brishty led everyone through the schedule for the sessions, excursions and exhibitions for the upcoming semester. Each student then had the opportunity to present the current status of the projects they have planned for the semester presentations/exhibitions:
  • Nora (Data Loam) will be exhibiting drawings.
  • Marko (Performative Biofact) will be engaging students in a festival he is organizing in Rijeka in the summer as part of the EU Capital of Culture initiative. The festival will have a sister event in Vienna as well.
  • Rosie is working on a publication around Forensic Architecture, as well as an exhibition in summer focusing on Analogue Cyber Activism.
  • Johanna is currently working on an application for New York, a Forensic Architecture project, and will have an interview published soon.
  • Jaz (Data Loam) is continuing her research and development of her Story Box, which she is hoping to exhibit in a public space.
  • Monica (NHM + OPIS / Performative Biofact) is working on the drawings for The Great Wall and beginning on production this week. She is also working on material for a Biofact workshop with Lucie Strecker at the end of the month.
  • Marc (Data Loam) will have his prototype finished by the end of March.
  • Laura (Performative Biofact) is continuing to work on her Death Masks project and is "officially collecting faces". She is also thinking about ritual for her work with Performative Biofact.
  • Mauri (Data Loam) is continuing work on his helmet and is experimenting with programming for its interior mechanisms. He is also continuing to develop his Wunderkamer concept.
  • Hans (Data Loam) is researching the human-nature relationship further, and organizing an exhibition in Salzburg with Jasmina for which we might plan a class visit.
  • Golnaz is working on "how to sit still and run". She is using the hectic nature of her current circumstances as inspiration for her project, and hoping to participate in the Vienna Uni Run on the 16th of May.
  • Marthin is working on a new project, and has begun collaborating with a Microbiologist at the University in Malaga.

We then moved on to speaking about the exhibitions. The class was able to break up into groups based on subject matter and date, we eliminated one of the four exhibition dates, began brainstorming on process and established a rough production schedule for the design of the communication elements for the final semester exhibitions.
Protocol: Monica LoCasio

Fact Box

March 06, 2018
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