Photography: Brishty Alam, 2017 (c).


End of semester presentations, second years

Rosie reminds us of Frankenstein's 200th anniversary which still resonates today in relation to science and contemporary ecology, she plays her sound piece which will be aired on Kunstradio 'Brexit Monster' toying with hypocracies of neoliberal environmentalism and possible futures. Marko presents his project within Rijeka's upcoming capital of culture, which will be the co-ordination and curation of the art and social program for a small ex-industrial village. Freddie makes a presentation about the hyper-modern city referencing Focault's heteretopia and shows her paintings that deal with the empty spaces in the modern. Andrea discusses the many ways in which we might perceive our relationship to robots. Martin shows a facinating moment captured in his video that exposes a moth lavae hatching from its cocoon that is multicoloured and spun with the wool he laid for it, he states "In this work I am not the artist, it is the moth that is making the art". 

Fact Box

January 23, 2018, 09:30h